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Best fresh foods to give Nishikigoi

If you want to find out how to get your koi to get more out of their diet, you should try them on raw foods. But if you are unsure where to start I will give you some hints and tips here.

There are a lot of different views out there on which live or fresh foods you can feed your Nishikigoi, some of this advice is poor, to say the least, and some may be harmful to your fish and pond setup. I will run down some tried and tested foods which most experienced Koi enthusiasts use and dispell some myths.

Koi Carp can be fussy eaters, and where some people have no trouble at all feeding a variety of foods, other people report limited or no success. The amount of time taken to trial the new food could have a lot to do with the uptake.

Start with small pieces and gradual they may start to show interest in the new foods stuff.

Citrus fruits for additional vitamin C

Koi-Carp-Foods-OrangeOne of the old favourites, an orange or lemon cut in half and floated on the water will be devoured in no time at all. Initially, the fish will be unsure of this food, but given time they will eat all but the hard outer skin.

One thing to remember is to make sure that as soon as possible, you remove the skin from the pond as it will decay in the water.

A good way to boost the vitamin C content of your pelleted food, which can lose vitamin content after opening and as it ages.

Fresh prawns or shrimps

Koi-Carp-Foods-Prawns-2An excellent way to encourage Koi to eat out of your hands, they love to munch on prawns and shrimps. There is debate over the nutritional value of this food when compared with balanced Koi Carp pellets. However I think I would get very bored eating the same old thing every day, wouldn’t you, So why not treat them occasionally.

Fish do have taste buds on their tongues having the ability to distinguish between sweet, sour, salt, and bitter.

Watermelon has no real nutritional value for Koi Carp

Although they will chase watermelon around the pond and nibble away quite happily, there is not much in the way of nutritional value for koi, so I would not recommend feeding. There is no danger or hazard, just unnecessary pollution of the pond.

There are many alternative foods which add better value pound for pound.

Mussels are another hit with Nishikigoi

You can often get great deals on frozen mussels, not the garlic butter variety, from the supermarket. Koi will generally eat these out of your hand quite happily. Best to chop and distribute into the water, they will sink and drift to give them all a chance to grab a piece.

Alternatively, you can hand feed these too.

Koi Carp Foods for every day

All of the above can be used to supplement your Nishiki goi’s diet, but it is essential to feed a regular food daily to ensure that they receive all of the nutrients they require in order to thrive.

One such food is Queni Koi’s Japan Mix a great staple diet for all koi carp.


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