The Best Growth Enhancing Food For Koi Carp

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After water quality, selecting Koi food is probably the next most important aspect of responsible Koi keeping. Maintaining perfect high-quality water is dependent on the quality and quantity of food we add to the pond. Which Koi Carp food should I chose for maximum growth? This question is most often asked by new koi keepers searching for the panacea. How … Read More

Why Are My Koi Carp Jumping Out Of My Pond?

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Artistic vector illustration of two Koi carps playing in pond. Hieroglyph means Koi.

After long hours spent designing and building your beautiful new koi pond, filling it with sparkling clear fresh water, you are ready to sit back and enjoy your hard work. But rather than worry free evenings sitting by the pond, your fish are jumping out and committing suicide. If you have come home to fish dried up on the outside … Read More

Where did Koi Carp come from originally?

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The origins of Koi Carp Koi carp are not indigenous to Japan as many believe. So where did they begin the journey from wild carp to the beautiful fish displayed all around the world today in our ornamental ponds? Did you know: Carp (Cyprinus Carpio) fossils have been found in Southern China dating back 20 million years. If not Japan, … Read More

How to Hand Feed Koi

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Why hand feed? Hand feeding your koi or goldfish is not only great fun but can be very useful for getting close enough to the fish to allow you to inspect them for signs of injury or disease and monitor their health. If you currently feed your fish by throwing handfuls of food across the entire surface of the pond, … Read More

Koi Carp Colour Enhancing Food

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The origins of koi keeping extend back to mans fascination with the marvellous colour variants which developed naturally and were subsequently bred to produce the most exotic, colourful fish we know today. It stands to reason that an integral part of any feeding regime should include colour enhancing supplements, we want to maximise the colour of our fish, to enjoy … Read More

Koi love to eat fresh foods too

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Best fresh foods to give Nishikigoi If you want to find out how to get your koi to get more out of their diet, you should try them on raw foods. But if you are unsure where to start I will give you some hints and tips here. There are a lot of different views out there on which live … Read More